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I SUNDANCE Communications is the leading boutique agency in German-speaking countries for holistic management with in-house production expertise. The agency specialises in the management of personal brands. SUNDANCE Communications analyses, directs and designs.

The agency always and exclusively works for the customer. It safeguards, protects and expands their interests: SUNDANCE Communications finds innovative interfaces with potential customers for its clients, thereby consistently creating win-win situations for everyone involved. SUNDANCE Communications appeals to premium and mainstream segments alike, thereby permanently expanding its customers’ horizons.


In accordance with its image, SUNDANCE Communications exclusively develops 360-degree solutions. Its core contextual competencies include personality and artist management, TV, music, events and live entertainment. SUNDANCE Communications doesn’t differentiate between existing brands or those that are yet to be developed, but simply analyses their potential.


SUNDANCE Communications considers and plans every strategy based on the outcome, before developing an action plan. SUNDANCE Communications relies exclusively on expertise and experience, never on luck and coincidence.


SUNDANCE Communications is highly specialised in developing personal brands and leading these to lasting success on this basis.

At the beginning of this journey, authenticity, credibility and integrity are always at the centre of the brand’s essence. A value chain is therefore created, based on the client’s core values.


SUNDANCE Communications defines a new strategy for every brand, consisting of elements of traditional advertising, marketing, management and PR, thereby generating new narratives and new business areas. SUNDANCE Communications therefore writes individual success stories that serve as examples for those involved with the respective brands and become the benchmark.


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature! The agency’s guiding principle is the common thread running through its everyday activities: SUNDANCE Communications doesn’t manage, it designs. SUNDANCE Communications doesn’t organise, it profiles.

In favour of a brand’s long-term growth, SUNDANCE Communications always and fundamentally refrains from achieving success that is too rapid and too short-term. The agency’s work is therefore guided by the three core values shared by the entire team: humility, empathy and passion.


A decision is only taken if it really achieves the best result for all parties. This is one of the reasons why SUNDANCE Communications has been guiding the careers of Tim Mälzer, Jorge González, Alexander Herrmann, Sasha, Thomas Hayo and Jan Hofer for many years. For this work, the agency received the LEA Live Entertainment Award as Artist Management of the Year 2011.

SUNDANCE Communications is affiliated with the “Tibool” production company (including “Tim Mälzer kocht!”, E! Factor by Jorge González), which has already produced more than 400 episodes of various TV programmes, including for RTL, VOX, Das Erste, NDR and SAT.1, and is therefore able to offer tailor-made products from its brands for the TV and streaming market.


SUNDANCE Communications is based in Hamburg and has an excellent international network. Its clients and cooperation partners include all the major TV channels and production companies. SUNDANCE Communications can call upon over three decades of expertise and experience. The agency is aware of its social responsibility and is regularly involved in social causes. I

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