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I Sasha is one of the few German entertainers of international renown. He combines nonchalance with multi-layered vocals and an impressive stage presence. It’s impossible to escape Sasha’s charm, enthusiasm and talent – because he’s a dedicated entertainer.

Sasha switches effortlessly and naturally between the largest venues and intimate clubs. His music touches your heart and soul. Which is one of the reasons why he prefers to write his own songs. Sasha isn’t afraid of his audience - he loves to interact with them. As a star, he’s both approachable and internationally admired. Yet he never loses sight of his Dortmund roots.


Sasha is defined by his versatility: with the rockabilly fictional character, Dick Brave, he created an artistic alter ego for himself, pushing the boundaries of his previous repertoire.


As well as pop music, he’s also now famous for rock’n’roll. In 2018, he had another change of genre, singing in German – to renewed acclaim. In early 2020, Sasha made the leap to entertainment TV – unrelated to his music – with Tim Mälzer and their joint “Alles auf Freundschaft” (RTL) prime-time show that is broadcast live.


Sasha has received many awards: he’s won four Echos, a Bambi, four “Bravo Ottos”, two Golden Cameras, the German Television Award, three “1live Krones” and two “Viva Comets”. In 2000, Sasha received the European Platinum Music Award for achieving 1 million album sales.


Sasha is regularly involved in social causes: he’s a UNICEF Ambassador and advocate of the animal welfare organisation, “PETA”, clean drinking water initiative, “Viva Con Aqua” and “Kicken mit Herz”. Sasha lives in Hamburg with his wife and child. I

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