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I Jan Hofer is Germany’s best-known newscaster. He’s a respected, unflappable presence in uncertain times. He’s a reliable link between generations, connecting information and people.


Jan Hofer learned his trade via multiple channels. For over 30 years, Jan Hofer’s integrity and credibility have been setting standards on “Tagesschau” (ARD). In 2004, he became the programme’s principal newsreader and also coordinates the people who represent the brand. His well-honed intuition and mentoring skills have earned Jan Hofer the trust of multiple generations. Jan Hofer led “Tagesschau” into a new century, actively contributing to the programme’s continued success and guiding it into the future.


Jan Hofer combines factual news with modern communication tools like nobody else. Like very few members of his generation, Jan Hofer uses social media and the Internet to make his brand attractive for a young infotainment elite. Alongside his career at “Tagesschau”, Jan Hofer has also been a successful host and presenter, as well as the face of the MDR talk show, Riverboat, for over 20 years.


He steers any programme in a gentlemanly manner with a sense of grandeur, effortlessly performing a balancing act to provide great entertainment. He’s currently appearing as a contestant on the successful RTL programme, Let’s Dance. His personal passion is engineering. Jan Hofer particularly loves old, historic cars. Jan Hofer’s first ever car was a VW Beetle. Today, a Mercedes 220 S built in 1958 is his pride and joy. Hamburg is his adopted home and has become his favourite place.


Jan Hofer also assumes social responsibility in his personal life and regards himself as an active member of society. He’s an ambassador for the German Red Cross and an advocate for “Kinderhospiz Mitteldeutschland”. Jan Hofer is married with children and lives in Hamburg. I



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