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I Tim Mälzer has been revolutionising the role of the TV chef for two decades.


His kitchen is the place to be in the cookery show world. The “Kitchen Impossible” (VOX) programme developed for him is considered to be the genre’s most successful innovation in the last ten years.


Mälzer himself has always been behind his brand’s success. From the outset, his unconventional palate and demeanor set him apart. With his direct, charming and unique nature, Tim Mälzer brought a breath of fresh air to German cuisine shortly after the turn of the century, allowing him to transform those who were previously completely averse to cooking into adventurous foodies.


Mälzer emerged from the culinary shadow of his contemporary and friend, Jamie Oliver, at an early stage. And even more than that: Tim Mälzer himself has now become a role model for an entire generation of young chefs.


His cuisine is seasonal and true to his roots. Substantial yet carefully selected. Both light and extremely impressive. His culinary style was originally inspired by his grandmother and spans generations: Tim Mälzer’s creative cuisine is both novel and traditional.


Despite numerous awards (German Television Award, Golden Camera, Radio Rainbow Award, etc.) and achievements, Tim Mälzer remains unpretentious and inquisitive. He has an insatiable thirst for culinary innovation. His as yet unfulfilled dream is a restaurant in the global culinary metropolis of New York. His recently launched podcast, “Fiete Gastro”, pushes the culinary boundaries and embraces new subject areas.


Tim Mälzer is also a successful restaurateur, bestselling author, live entertainer, TV producer, advertising star and family man. I

Tim Mälzer

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