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I Alexander Herrmann is a down-to-earth chef who applies an urban, international approach to regional Franconian cuisine. His uncompromising passion was rewarded with a second Michelin Star in 2019.


Alexander Herrmann began cooking as a child. For over 30 years, his professional career has been devoted to the culinary traditions of his native country, to which he repeatedly returns, despite his many excursions into the gourmet world.


His “Fränkness” (Nuremberg), Imperial (Nuremberg) and Alexander Herrmann (Wirsberg) restaurants are sensory meeting places where every guest is welcome. Alexander Herrmann brings his cuisine alive for each and every one of them. Alexander Herrmann always focuses on people. He makes haute cuisine available to the man on the street, even serving chips with truffle sauce at his local outdoor swimming pool.


Alexander Herrmann is ahead of his time. He grows his local superfood in his own, energy-neutral hothouse – including ginger, turmeric, galangal root and even coffee. Alexander Herrmann uses climate-neutral, low-waste cooking techniques. He was discovered even before the major boom in TV cookery shows, always sets his own highlights and is quick-witted and self-deprecating.


Alexander Herrmann is a regular guest on the most successful shows on every channel, making him a loveable team player and outstanding mentor: Alexander Hermann and his candidate won four out of seven seasons of The Taste (Sat.1). As a “Bayern 1” radio chef, he’s been happily cooking up a storm since 2004. His books have become bestsellers and are classics.


He’s also a passionate live entertainer and his stage programmes fill the largest venues in German-speaking countries. Alexander Herrmann is a family man and still works in one of his kitchens every day. I

Alexander Herrmann_On Tour

Alexander Herrmann_On Tour

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