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I Jorge González has consistently carved out a role for himself in the entertainment industry.


In the mid-1980s, Jorge González left his native Cuba to study atomic nuclear ecology in the former Czechoslovakia – the first of many radical new starts that were to follow. Alongside his studies, for which he was awarded a Diploma (Grade 1), Jorge González worked as a model, stylist and choreographer. These were the initial signs of his subsequent career in the creative sector.


But the range of opportunities were limited by the former Eastern block, restricting González like a tightly-fitting suit. Even before the Iron Curtain fell, he fled to its “class enemy” in the West – and was exiled from Cuba. This new freedom came at a price: for eight years, Jorge González didn’t know whether he’d see his family again. Once more, Jorge González started afresh, this time in Hamburg.


He worked on projects for Gianni Versace, Vivienne Westwood and Laura Biagiotti. Back then, Jorge González had already established his important trademark, even in difficult times: his loud, unforced, unmistakable laugh. It’s an expression of his Cuban joie de vivre.


People in traditionally cold, restrained Hamburg found Jorge González refreshing. They were amused by his likeable, idiosyncratic way of speaking and his “Hola Chicas!” mantra appealed to a wide audience. So it was only logical that Jorge González was discovered for the successful Germany’s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum (ProSieben) talent show in 2010.


Since 2013, he’s been appearing as a judge on Let’s Dance (RTL) and has since become a permanent fixture on German TV. Internationally, he’s well-established on E! Entertainment and created quite a stir on the US show, The World’s Best (CBS), presented by James Corden. In an increasingly fast-paced TV world, Jorge González is one thing above all else: distinctive and unique. I

Jorge Gonzalez_Showreel

Jorge Gonzalez_Showreel

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