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Steffen Hallaschka studied at Goethe University  Frankfurt am Main  Studied European ethnology and began his career with an internship at Hessischer Rundfunk (hr).


from  1993  until  1995  He moderated the program "Radio Unfrisiert" broadcast on hr2-kultur. He began his television career in 1996 with the youth magazine “100 Grad” produced by Deutsche Welle and Ostdeutscher Rundfunk Brandenburg (ORB), which he up to  1998  presented. In the 2000s Hallaschka worked as both a radio and television presenter.


Since the beginning  2011  He leads through the magazine “stern TV ” produced by the production company “i & u TV” and broadcast on RTL. In addition, in the 2010s he moderated the show “How does Germany tick? - The great live experiment ”and the twelve-part documentary“ 1945 - 12 cities, 12 fates ”.

The presenter is married, has a daughter and a son and lives with his family in Hamburg. 

Steffen Hallaschka_stern TV

Steffen Hallaschka_stern TV

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