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I Ruhin Ashuftah is a prime example of successful integration. He was just eight when he had to leave his first home in Afghanistan. He didn’t want to live surrounded by war and hardship, but in peace. It took eight long months for Ruhin Ashuftah to flee. And it took him 15 years to really settle in Hamburg.


Ruhin Ashuftah has worked hard to overcome the stigma of being a refugee. He knew that education was the key to success. He never gave up, even though life wasn’t easy. Ruhin Ashuftah is a role model for all those refugees following in his footsteps. His CV is the blueprint that can open all our eyes.


Ruhin Ashuftah enriches and improves everyday life in his new home. He draws on his knowledge and experience for his involvement in social causes. He changes the world and its people for the better every day. As a mentor, social educator and trauma therapist for young, unaccompanied refugees, he’s helping to shape the society of the future every day.


The young refugees with whom Ruhin Ashuftah works respect and admire him for his courage, motivational talent and dedication. He’s both one of them and someone they want to be like. Ruhin Ashuftah has written his own success story that he’s happy to share with everyone else. Ruhin Ashuftah overcame the obstacles he faced at an early age, because he simply didn’t accept them. His talent for languages, openness, empathy and curiosity are the key to his success.


Ruhin Ashuftah lives in Hamburg. I

Ruhin Ashuftah_Talk am Sonntag_SAT.1

Ruhin Ashuftah_Talk am Sonntag_SAT.1

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