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© Perter Johann Kierzkowski

I  Björn Kroner turns flowers into art. His work involves designing interactive floral worlds that appeal to more senses than ever before. Björn Kroner uses flowers to create an entirely new world. He’s exceeded the limits of his original vocational training, thereby extending its scope to fashion, design and art. His arrangements and interpretations represent short escapes from everyday life.


Björn Kroner uses known concepts to create an element of surprise. He breaks new ground – without being sure that it exists. Björn Kroner lives for creative experiment. The special value of his works of arts lies in their transience. His floral designs are therefore unique, individual and never to be repeated. Björn Krone lives and works in the moment.


His aim is to repeatedly surprise us, by pushing the boundaries of feasibility. His knowledge, passion and craftmanship create a fusion of nature and art that is by no means artificial. His work is alive. Björn Kroner is completely absorbed by his raw materials. He makes them his own. The fact that he’s usually called “Flower” by his friends and customers is the logical consequence of his work.

Björn Kroner is the only floral artist of his caliber in Germany. He’s well-known, highly respected and has received many awards beyond its borders. He makes each individual flower an unforgettable star. He skilfully plays with genres, easily switching between purism and opulence, tradition and avant garde. He’s an inspiring role model. He doesn’t look for trends, he sets them. Björn Kroner is happy to share his knowledge. On TV, in books, on social media and in real life.


Björn Kroner lives in Berlin. I

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