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I Despite his ‘flaw’, Mario Galla is a highly successful model in a world tailored to perfection. Mario Galla turns his weaknesses into strengths. He turns every cliche he encounters into class. He removes the boundaries between physical disability and integrity, thereby defining new standards for himself and millions of other people around the world.


At Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin in 2011, Mario Galla showed an international specialist audience that his orthosis need not be an obstacle on the catwalks of the fashion world, but can be an incentive. Mario Galla set a new trend, becoming an automatic role model for all subsequent generations. From then on, Mario Galla described his supposed flaw as the new, accepted normal. Mario Galla was therefore well ahead of the times, long before the fashion industry declared anything that deviates from the norm to be a new, ultimate stylistic device.


Mario Galla is approachable, open and self-deprecating. His natural, anxiety-free and normal way of dealing with his disability, as it is described by parts of society, stops him and others from being stigmatised. He demonstrates the endless opportunities in an increasingly open-minded world and intelligently holds up a mirror to the fashion industry.


Mario Galla is aware of his special responsibility and is happy to share his experience. He uses it wisely. In 2011, Mario Galla wrote a bestseller about his journey to and along the catwalk. To mark the year of “Selbstbestimmt. Immer dabei” (2013), Mario Galla became the face of the German government’s antidiscrimination campaign and volunteered his services to the animal welfare organisation, “PETA”. Mario Galla is married and lives in Hamburg. I

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