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Sebastian E. Merget’s work builds a bridge between the old and new world. His humour, repartee and charm make him an inspiring presenter, copywriter and author – both on and offline.


Sebastian E. Merget also works as an advertising copywriter for international agencies, for which he’s received many awards. His success speaks for itself. In total, Sebastian E. Merget has won over 100 national and international awards to date. He combines creativity with design and concentration.


Sebastian E. Merget hosts galas and events and has also achieved success with moving images, especially on YouTube and Instagram. He’s almost casually redefining the profession of social media reporter and network entertainer. Sebastian E. Merget’s programmes and content are tailored to the respective market and medium. He’s popular with and accepted by multiple generations and doesn’t differentiate between large and small venues or small and large audiences. Wherever Sebastian E. Merget appears, great entertainment is guaranteed. Even in minor, seemingly unspectacular circumstances, he unerringly finds a brilliant punch line. He always combines his verbal humour with eloquence and uninterrupted curiosity. Sebastian E. Merget effortlessly transfers the pleasure he gets form his work to his audience.


Sebastian E. Merget’s customers and cooperation partners include large companies such as “Aldi Süd”, “Immobilienscout 24”, HRS, Canon, “ProSieben”, “Sixx” and “Rewe”. With “Fiete Gastro”, Sebastian E. Merget is a pioneer of the culinary podcast, together with Tim Mälzer. His “#hausjetztraus” talk on YouTube has become iconic. Sebastian E. Merget is also Creative Director for the Hamburg restaurant, “Bullerei”. Sebastian E. Merget lives in Hamburg. I

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